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Watertown, WI 53094

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Tell us your story! What do you make or sell? What can we do to help you grow your retail dreams into reality?


Perks of being an Elite MarketSpace Vendor:

We're more than just a place to sell your items...

Your booth rental fee covers everything!

We pay sales tax when your items sell

We cover credit card processing fees

You don't ever have to work at the store

We're open 7 days a week

You also have access to our...


Cable TV



Conference/Multi-Purpose Room

Workshop Area


How much does it cost?

Spaces can be rented for $45-$150+ per month.

Is there an application process?

Yes, there is. For many reasons. First, we do our best to ensure there are no two vendors in our building doing similar things. We give exclusivity to our vendors in there respective niches. Second, we try to find vendors who we know will do well in this environment. Third, we want to find vendors who are active on social media. If we all put forth marketing efforts, we all do well.

Is there a long-term lease?

No. We ask that new vendors commit to 3 months. After that, we only require that you give us 30-day notice prior to leaving.

What is the secret to success at Elite MarketSpace?

Marketing yourself! You must treat your space like it's own business (WHICH IT IS!). While we market the MarketSpace as a whole and do our best to tell the whole world how awesome you are, you will need to do the same. Be active on social media, start a promo, or even join the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce!

What are you trying to do here, Elite MarketSpace?

Our goal is to act as a retail incubator. Not only do we want to give the greater Watertown area some great shopping options, we want our vendors to outgrow us and move on to a store of their very own!